Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Happier Cactus

My old cactus now has branches! It's nice to be surprised. It was a gift from a friend at least 15 years ago. Maybe I should let it go outside now and then! It has been in a window.


Friday, February 16, 2024

Melt Down

In some states in the U.S. climate change has taken a toll on the snowshoe hare. The lack of snow and ground cover makes them well seen when their coat is white in the winter. In the summer they have brown coats. 

linocut 11' x 17" movie poster :-)

Monday, September 25, 2023

Elizabeth River Ferry Solarplate Etching

This year the paddle-wheel ferry celebrated 40 years on the water. There are actually three ferries operating on the river between Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virginia. Of course, before the ferries and for hundreds of years, there were all types of other vessels taking people from one side to the other. It was a challenge drawing that paddlewheel and all of those railings. I really like taking the ferry when I get a chance. More relaxing than dealing with tunnel traffic!


Sunday, September 24, 2023

American Box Turtle

 I love to see turtles but I don't see them very often. This is an American Box Turtle that was crossing my yard a few days ago. I read that they can live to be 100 years old! Usually it's 25-30 years but that's pretty impressive too. I once saw a snapping turtle in the same place, much bigger and a little scarier. Apparently that one can really bite!

American Box Turtle

Eastern Box Turtle
Painted in gouache a few years ago.

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Norfolk Downtown Tunnel Solarplate Etching

Why not draw a familiar site like this and add it to my Norfolk series? Since there are a lot of waterways in the area and lots of boats, we have quite a few tunnels. Six to be exact, with each place actually having two tunnels, one for each direction. This is called the Downtown Tunnel.  It crosses the Elizabeth River between Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia. The first tunnel was built in 1952 and the second in 1987.
Anyway, I had to take a photo while someone else was driving. Of course! 


Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Brock Environmental Center

Two weeks ago I visited the Brock Environmental Center in Virginia Beach. It was built by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to engage and educate all generations about the environment and how we can all help save the bay, one of our countries most valuable natural areas. I learned a lot about native plants of Virginia and even created my own masterpiece, as you can see below. The center is one of the world's greenest buildings, both energy and water independent!

A profusion of native Virginia plants!

A masterpiece, for sure :) Included Wax Myrtle and Solomon's Seal