Sunday, February 24, 2013


I have a special fondness for Bobwhites since I heard their call often from the woods behind my childhood home. I don't remember seeing any pheasants but I thought they would make an interesting addition to my painting. The more, the merrier? I painted it for an upcoming juried show. I wanted to make an etching but knowing how time consuming that can be, I thought that a painting made more sense since the entry deadline for the show was fast approaching! You can see my painting in person and others in the show here:

Portsmouth Arts and Cultural Center
Creative Variations Exhibit
Feb. 23 - May 22
Don't miss the opening on March 1 from 5-8 pm!!
Brought to you by the Tidewater Art Alliance, promoting art in the Tidewater area of Virginia

gouache painting  9" x  9"

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I decorated these eggs the Pysanky way, with wax and dyes, and then hung them on the press in my studio.
They are looking pretty there. There's still a little time left for a purchase but not much before the day ends! I know, I should have posted earlier.
Have a great day and maybe I'll see you next year!

Now it's truly back to etching!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pretlow Library and Art in the Foyer!

An interior designer that I know, Ray Jennings, who is also a pottery teacher at my art center designed the interiors of a library in Norfolk, Va, specifying these nice display cases in the foyer. He thought that some art from the center would look great displayed there so yesterday I took some of my work to the library and we arranged it in the two outside cases. A wonderful jeweler at the center, Cathy Jo Ramsey,  placed her work in the middle display case. The administrators of our center are always reminding us that we need to get out in the community more so I thought that this would be something I could do. Anyway, it looks nice but I'm not sure if any sales will come of it. I think promoting ourselves is the hardest part if you are serious about being an artist. Of course you want people to know who you are and some of it is fun but mostly we can't wait to work on our art! 

I like this library - you can't see it in my photos but it has a sealife theme in some of the areas, especially the children's area but it isn't overdone. It makes sense since Norfolk is on the water! These display cases give it some sparkle when you come in the door.