Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Butterfly Linocut 2

I'm continuing to work on the new butterfly linocut with two new layers of color, shown here. My deadline for finishing it is at the end of February. I haven't quite decided what will be added at the bottom of the work but I'm hoping that an inspiration will come! We had several inches of snow with sleet last night and it's cold and icy so there's no going to the studio to work today! I do love a snow day once in a awhile but not too many in a row when I have work on my mind.

2nd color printed
linoleum cut and ready for printing next colors

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia

I was in the great Capitol City of Virginia, Richmond, last fall and had some free time so thought I'd visit the Poe Museum. I didn't know that there was such a thing until recently. Knowing that he's one of the most well-known of American authors, I definitely wanted to learn more about him. What could this museum have about this inventor of the modern detective story and teller of tales of terror and writer of haunting lyric poetry? Plenty!! It has the world's largest collection of manuscript letters, personal belongings and memorabilia. He was born in Boston but lived in Richmond many years and had his first journalism job there, not far from the museum. I enjoyed my visit there!

The front door of the museum, the oldest standing house in Richmond, probably built in 1737.

2 black cats live at the museum, found one day in the back of the garden. How curious to be there at a museum for the teller of  frightening tales!

statue of Poe in the garden

the garden