Thursday, June 19, 2014


Who would not love zinnias? They come in the most beautiful colors and they are easy to grow from seed and love hot weather!. If only there was enough sun at my house. :(  I was coming back from running errands this morning and noticed a sign outside Stoney's Market in Virginia Beach which said "fresh-cut zinnias". Now I had to think about that for a minute but decided there was no way that I was not making a u-turn to check it out. I ended up with this nice bunch. Seriously, who could resist those? 
I have a feeling that I might return to the market for their sunflowers. Also brilliant!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

French Window Etching - Final

I didn't show earlier the final etching of the French window I did for a friend. But I did show some proofs of the process.We looked at some pictures of windows, decided on some details that she liked and then I put this together using a little imagination. Here it is!