Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sculpture in Gordes, France

When I was in France last fall, I saw this clever sculpture that was in the window of the upper floor of an artist's studio in Gordes, France. I really liked it but I'm still trying to decifer her attitude. To me she is looking a bit disappointed about something and would rather be outside playing games! What do you think?

Monday, March 19, 2012


Happy Spring! I don't know about where you live but here, the birds are singing, the grass is growing and everything is blooming! Due to some weather phenomenom that I can't explain, we have managed to go from the fall season right into spring. I'm not complaining but I'm wondering about summer. We'll see! I've been watching two hyacinths, forced to grow in my house. :-(  They'll be happily growing outside next year but I'm enjoying them immensely right here in the kitchen window. This is a photo of one of them.
I read that March 7 was World Hyacinth Day. Hmm... why didn't I know about this?? 
(Don't forget to click on the picture for a better view.)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ceramic Artist Fred Freeman

At the Portsmouth Art and Cultural Center, where I did my demonstration last weekend, there is a fabulous sculpture exhibit upstairs called "Visions in Clay".  This is one of the pieces that got my attention!!
Fred gets his inspitation from his experiences as a psychology professor at Old Domininion University in Norfolk, Virginia. He says that he "depicts individuals who reflect various human conditions with a bit of humor thrown in."

This sculpture is called "Technologically Lost".

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making Monotypes with Gelatin

This weekend I'm doing a demonstration at an art center/gallery in Portsmouth, Virginia and wanted to do something other than linocuts that people and kids might enjoy taking part in themselves. I have this nice book on making gelatin prints that I bought a few years ago. I admit that I tried it but the imprecise nature of the process drove me crazy! Looking at the book again and the lovely prints I see there, I can't help to want to give it another try. Here, I'll show you some experimenting that I did yesterday!

Pouring cooked gelatin onto glass plate.
I made a clay border to hold the gelatin.

Removed the clay border after gelatin gelled.
A pretty gelatin plate! Perfect!

Inking the gelatin plate with the brayer and adding a stencil.
Then printing by folding the paper onto the gelatin and rubbing the back with the hand or a baren. The paper is attached for a good registration.

More stenciling.
More inking.
More printing!

I added some brushstrokes of blue paint to see the affect. I'm calling this the end!
I must admit - it's a little fascinating.
And no press required.

The final result.
I've learned some things and had more
fun this time around!