Friday, April 18, 2014

Box Turtle Sketch

I've been struggling to find just the right idea for an etching for a show called "Earthscapes" (which is coming due too fast for me!). Sometimes it's hard to think of something when you're on a deadline but it keeps you from procrastinating! I shuffle through my sketchbooks and my photos to see what might work. Sometimes pacing and walking works. Sometimes. Then I start digging around for chocolate because my brain seems to function better with chocolate. Ha! I always have hunger pains when I'm looking for ideas .    
This time I came across a photo I took of a box turtle that was in my yard and it appealed to me as a good subject. The shell reminds me of a landscape. And it's nestled in it's own little landscape of earthy grass and pine. Here is a first sketch of the turtle that I plan to etch. You can follow along as I show the steps to create the etching.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Etching of a Window - Inspired by Paris (a peek at the process)

A friend of mine who's fond of etchings asked me recently to make an etching of an old French-inspired window. Knowing that I have an interest in learning French AND that I do etchings, she knew that I would be the perfect artist to create her piece. It was fun working with her as we discussed our ideas about what it should include and how it might look. I started the
etching on a copper plate as usual with the line etching and then later added aquatint to give it more tones. Here I'm showing the plate inked after the first etching and the print I made from it. I liek the way it looks. I worked on the plate with my scraper and burnisher to make a few changes before etching it a second time. Only a few changes were made. Then it was on to aquatinting!

inked plate after first etching

print after first etching and before aquatinting