Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Butterfly Linocut

I decided to make another large butterfly linocut thinking it would be a nice partner for another one I made. Also, I need a larger piece for the big March auction at the art center where I have my studio. The final print will be 14" x 18". The butterfly will be at the top and then something else at the bottom. We'll see! As you can see, I started carving the linoleum for the printing of the first color, which I will do as soon as the paper that I ordered arrives!  
I will show you more as I go. 

I love my desk in the corner where I do all my drawing and sit-down work.
I'm first removing all of the linoleum from the outside.
The linoleum is easier to carve when it is warm so I use this warming tray before carving.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Ex Libris d'ART "Exhibition at the d'Art Center, Norfolk, VA

The art center where I have my studio is having an exhibit "Ex Libris d'ART" to coincide with the opening of the new library next door. The purpose is to "bring stories to life through visual art" with "visual artists providing commentary, tales and visual poetry".  I thought my etching "Le Renard" could fit that theme very well so here it is ready for display in the gallery. The writing is by my French friend Jean-Luc whose words are screen printed on chine colle paper. Then the etching of the fox is printed on top. I've been watching the construction of this building for several years so I'm looking forward to the opening!
Ex Libris -" from books!"

New Slover Library
the old building and the new one
the art center is  next door, not shown

Monday, January 5, 2015

French Vacation (Paris) La Galerie Portable

I saw this exhibit on a corner in Montmartre, Paris and liked the sign. It tells it like it is!