Monday, January 27, 2014

INCOGNITO Painting of Goldfinch

gouache 8x10
One of the fundraisers every year at the art center where I have my studio is called INCOGNITO and artists are asked to donate a small work of art, 8" x 10". All for $114 each. People can purchase them but don't know the artist until after they have paid. Although sometimes they can guess by the style, of course! The event is also a wine tasting. Wine and art always seem to go together! Well, sometimes we have beer tastings - I really enjoyed the one we had last year - all local beers. I painted this small painting of goldfinch for the event this year.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


When I looked out my kitchen door the other day, I didn't realize how popular my little birdbath had become. The water needed to be refilled but I didn't want to interfere quite yet. The birds were enjoying a warmer day after a few very cold ones! A bluejay was eager to take a bath and the robins had to wait their turn to quench their thirst. Even a squirrel stopped by to take a sip. I think I saw a towee skip by..for only a second! The chickadees didn't have a chance! Here are a few photos that I attempted. (through two glass doors but you can get the picture)


not too bad

a friendly chat...maybe!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tufted Titmouse

This little bird was waiting for its turn at my birdfeeder this morning. It was a particularly busy morning there. And only 19 degrees F.! I saw the usual birds such as Cardinals, Carolina Wrens, Chickadees, a Flicker, and Tufted Titmice. Yes, the plural of Titmouse is Titmice. I was never sure myself until I looked it up recently. I read that the word Titmouse comes from two old English terms - "tit" meaning any small object or animal and "mase" meaning small bird. So the whole thing means one small, small bird! That's all! Anyway, they're very sociable with other small birds like chickadees and stay around all year long. I'm thinking they would make a good painting......although they don't have much color. Hmm...