Monday, April 25, 2016

Hollywood Cemetary - An old US Cemetary in Virginia

Last year I discovered Hollywood Cemetary in Richmond, Virginia. The name comes for the holly trees that dotted the landscape when it was first created. There are some famous people buried there - US Presidents and military generals....18,000 Confederate soldiers from the Civil War of the 1800's. It's great to visit for the history and for the quiet. To have a nice walk! Or be inspired to make more cemetary etchings!
Here are some photos. You can search the web for more info, if you like.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Virginia Zoological Park Farewell Event

Two weeks ago I volunteered to participate in an event at our local zoo, a farewell to two female elephants, soon moving to another larger zoo in South Florida. The zoo asked if some artists from my art center could come to the zoo and do some artwork in public of animals of our choice. I asked to be set up near the Crested Cranes but when I arrived, there were only Bongos! Oh well, I really do like Bongos. They are fun to paint because they have those cool stripes and other spots. So I took my watercolor kit and paper and attempted to paint a Bongo while talking to lots of interested kids and their parents. It was very cool that day and a bit windy. There was no desire by my easel  to remain upright so I gave up and sat at the table!

Happy for warm sun on my back!
Hey, come back here.
From that, I am working on this Bongo watercolor painting.

Another zoo view from my spot.