Sunday, June 28, 2015

England and Scotland Adventure #2 - London

Moving on after visiting Westminster Cathedral, we walked to another beautiful church, Westminster Abbey, having a good look at the outside but having to leave the inside for the next England adventure. Unhappily but without time to fully enjoy it.  A good excuse to return! We passed by the great Big Ben and Houses of Parliament and crossed over Westminster Bridge to walk along the South Bank and then later return to the other side by the Lambeth Bridge. Then dinner and back to the hotel. A pretty full first day after staying awake almost the entire night on the plane. Who can sleep in a little seat on a plane??

Westminster Abbey

Passed by here but I love all the details!

Hello Big Ben!

just a few colorful souvenirs!

Monday, June 22, 2015

England and Scotland Adventure #1 - London

It was an amazing 2-week adventure to lovely England and Scotland. So many interesting things to see and do there and the weather unexpectedly beautiful. Only one day of rain showers! Due to stormy weather in the US and missed flights, the arrival was six hours later than expected. But all was well after arriving at the hotel and finding great food across the street at the Marquis of Westminster Bar and Restaurant. Then a walk to the Westminster Cathedral to enjoy the red and white striped Byzantine-style Catholic church. Very impressive!

Monday, June 1, 2015

French Cheese

Another drawing from my little sketchbook.
Some nice cheeses I saw in France last year! 

Fromage de Paris