Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I printed this etching in slightly different colors and thought that I would like one better than the other but I like them equally! Does anyone have a favorite?
4"x 6"


  1. I like the left one !
    Il semble plus vivant, les détails sont plus précis and contrast is better ...

  2. C'est vrai! As you may see, I did wipe the plate for the print on the right more so it is fuzzier. Mais j'aime la coleur!

  3. The clean lines in the left one give it more contrast and clarity. But I am also a fan of the stark black and white of the right one. Conclusion? Both have their own character, but the left one wins by a little. :)

  4. Thanks for your comment!!
    The one on the left is really my favorite too because I think the contrast is better. I may have wiped just a little too much of the ink from the plate on the right one but I thought it would be fun to compare them.