Thursday, October 22, 2009

Release the Spirit

Oh, to be a lepidopterist!

I enjoyed creating a different edge in this linocut and combining it with the drypoint of the butterfly in the center.

10" x 10"


  1. Beautiful Anne--Thank you so much for introducing me to your blog. I love the marriage of art and science. I will enjoy seeing what you're up to. Next time you're in France come visit our B&B ;^>! Votre française va revenir! Dans l'intervalle, Google Translation peut marcher très bien!

  2. Merci beaucoup de visiter mon blog! J'aimerais rester a votre B&B un jour et participer a un atelier. I'm sure it would be great fun!

    J'ai aime regarder vos impressions.
    I will check out your blog often!

  3. Annie, tout ceci ne me semble pas parfait ; qu'en penses-tu ?

    It does not look perfect .
    Symmetry at NW & SE ?
    La symétrie des papillons NO & SE ...

    Glu spots on the central white sheet ?
    Les points de colle de la feuille blanche central.

    I do feel so strict ..


  4. Les taches sont gaufrages papillon de linoleum - ne presentant aucun bien ici.
    The spots you see are butterfly embossings from the linoleum - I guess they aren't showing well in this photo.

    Le symetrie des papillons?
    Yes, better to switch the two at the top or at the bottom for better symetry. Oops.

  5. Cao,

    Ne pas inquieter, tu pouvez etre mon critique internationale editor!!


  6. Thanks, Annie, I do feel better now !