Thursday, December 24, 2009

More decorated Eggs

Now that the holidays are here, I have again found myself interested in decorating eggs.

It does make cooking a little more fun because when I use eggs, I imagine all sorts of designs on them. It can also make for more accidents in the kitchen for lack of attention!


  1. Mmmmh !
    Perfect looking !

    Ils ont belle allure !


  2. Merci.
    Merci beaucoup!
    Un oeuf peut faire une grande toile!

    An egg can make a great canvas!

  3. Do they hold,as they look, best wishes ?

    Détiennent-ils des meilleurs souhaits ?

  4. Anne,
    With all the hustle-bustle of the holidays, I have been remiss in visiting your lovely blog! The photographs of the Maine tidal pool and your decorated eggs are marvelous! i am so fortunate to have such a talented friend and neighbor!!

  5. Cao,
    Merci, c'est un pensee beau.
    Historiquement, les oeufs ont ete donnes a les amis de les benir avec sante, richesse, succes...

    Historically, the eggs have been given to bless friends with health, wealth, success...

    Si oui, good wishes!!

  6. Hi Carol,
    The photo of the tidal pool reminds me of our great vacation! And I love decorating these eggs. You never know but you may receive one before long!!
    Thanks for being a great friend and visiting my blog!