Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Inked Plate

The plate - all ready for printing on paper. I know it will need a little more work - the nature of etchings! But sometimes you never know until you print it. Anyway, I'll show the final print later but first I must finish all of the stages!

6"x 8"


  1. Hi Anne,
    a fellow printmaker... how nice!!! Think the plate above looks great, you are going to have to show the print now!!!
    TAke care, Mariann :o)

  2. Hi Mariann,
    It's nice to talk to another printmaker! It won't be long before I finish this plate and show the result. I'm going to a workshop this weekend on chine colle and really hope to use it on this print. It should be a lot of fun!
    Thanks for stopping by.