Monday, June 7, 2010

What to do??

I have been spending too much time the last few days just looking at this beautiful copper plate and trying to find an idea for it! It is the last one for my upcoming show and I am struggling for an idea. It is a big one for me - 9"x 12"! Anyway, I will keep at it until something ...well..happens! They say walking can sometimes cure the blocked mind. That sounds too easy but it's worth a try!


  1. Est-ce ta manière habituelle d'oeuvrer ?

    Is this your usual way of working ?

    Have a good walk !
    Bonne balade !

  2. Ordinairement c'est un papier a dessin qui a retenu toute mon attention! Apres je pense a un dessin, je le transferer a la plaque.

    Ordinarily it is the drawing paper that receives all of my attention! After I think of a design, I transfer it to the plate.

  3. Lovely, a bit of gleaming copper, I sometimes, when an empty head strikes, go back over the work I like the most done in the last 6 months and see if there is anything I would like to develop..... I am collecting ways of getting past the block! Please share if you have a way...:o)

  4. Hi Mariann,
    Here, I was feeling desperate for an idea because I have work for a show due this Sunday and I know how long etchings can take! I finally decided to do a large butterfly to go with another one I have. I'll be printing that tomorrow - yay! I just hope it looks good and is perfectly flat by Sunday!
    I am trying to get a body of work that can go together for shows but try some new things with the subjects to make it more interesting. And sometimes I'm inspired by just going out to our gardens or zoo or other places I like to visit. And taking photos!