Saturday, December 25, 2010

Screen Printed Birds #1

I thought I would try a little screen printing on fabric so I chose to make a few hand towels for friends and family. The design is simple (time was running out!) but still, it took some time and patience. See my process! Here I'm cutting a stencil for the yellow bird, to be printed on the fabric first.
I think screen printing is the most fun of all of the printmaking processes!


  1. And Happy New Year, Anne! And yes, incredibly excited by my new'll be such fun to start again, where I aim to spend the rest of my life!!! the screenprint.....!! you want to swap a print (see etsy shops!) for one? :o) Mariann

  2. If I had more of these, I would love to swap one for a print! I love your work! I'm planning to do some more birds on napkins and on paper soon. I could let you know when I finish them.
    My studio is in a large art center but I love having my own place to work...and my own press!! So grateful. I think yours will be a very special place!!

  3. I'm one of the lucky people to receive a screenprinted towel for my kitchen. It has colored flecks in the background and reminds me of seeing the birds in the snow, except of course the snow wasn't as colorful.

  4. Snow that colorful would be amazing....and strange!
    Thanks so much for your visit!