Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gouache Birds

Gouache birds! They started as real birds but then my imagination took over and they became my own! They aren't quite finished and they still need backgrounds.
I've enjoyed painting shapes with the gouache paint but it isn't quite like oils for blending and shading!


  1. j'aime les perdrix,
    aux petits matins d'hiver,
    avant le lever du soleil,
    quand le givre couvre leur manteau
    et qu'elles bavardent ...

    Celles-ci sont bien réalistes ...

    I like the partridges,
    early in the winter mornings,
    before the sun rises,
    when frost covers their coats
    and they chat ...

    These are realistic

  2. They must be chating about the cold frost on their backs!

    As-tu vu une dans un poirier?
    Have you seen one in a pear tree?
    Like in our song "The Twelve Days of Christmas"?

  3. Je n'ai jamais vu de perdrix dans un arbre !
    What is the meaning of this song ?

    Is it your inspiration for these paintings ?

  4. Dans la chanson, il est dit que le premier jour de Noel un cadeau d'une perdrix dans un poirier est donne.

    Actually, when I asked you if there could be birds in your writing of the whispering grasses, you said there could be quail!

  5. Yes, Coturnix coturnix singing all the day long. A threnody.

  6. I like your realistic naive artist's feeling !

    Be good !

  7. And like our eastern quail, Colinus virginianus, that sings "bob-white, bob-white"!

    Naive realism, ce pourrait une nouvelle forme d'art!