Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Da Vinci's Printing Press

This computer graphic drawing is the result of a translation of one of Leonardo Da Vinci's technical machine drawings. It's beautiful (I want one!) but it isn't known if any of the machines were actually constructed. Of course this printing press fascinates me since I use a press to make most of my prints. Here, the press was slowly lowered by the worm screw and printed the sheet of paper placed under the carriage. My press uses rollers to make a print.

You can see this and other drawings in the book "Leonardo's Machines" by Taddei, Zanon and Laurenza.


  1. Charmante petite machine! n'est-ce pas possible d'en construire une comme ça?
    bon week end to you :)

  2. J'ai trouve qu'ils ont fait certains de ses machines de ses dessins pour le Museo Leonardo Da Vinci en Florence, Italie. Celui-ci, je ne suis pas si sur! Il semble un bon projet pour un menuisier capable.

    Thanks you for your comment!
    Tu as un bon dimanche!

  3. Is it not too much noisy ?

  4. I wonder if it would be tolerable on a slow day of work, like printing etchings! :-/
    I do wonder if it is sturdy.
    Mais c'est joli!