Monday, March 7, 2011

Ornamental Kale

This ornamental kale looks so interesting to me - ready for someone to paint it! They are like cabbages without heads ( yikes!) but rather have leaves in tight rosettes. They immigrated here from Japan in 1929 when our US Department of Agriculture sent someone there to search for new plants. I guess the government thought we were somehow lacking!


  1. you are invited to frollow my blog

  2. oh! très très joli Que vas-tu en faire?
    Le manger?
    bonne journée to you

  3. Hello!
    Ce n'est pas la mienne mais je pense que tu pouve le manger. Je n'ai jamais goute le chou fris mais j'aime le chou!
    Have a good Wednesday!

  4. Hoy !

    Have a look there :

    Above all, visitors will be able to admire the outstanding beauty of the gardens. The vegetable garden in particular is gradually becoming organic: hoeing, digging, beneficial insects, etc. are back in favour, resulting in the reduction of the use of phytosanitary treatments.

  5. Wow, the chateau and gardens are stunning!! The geometric patterns! Ornamental kale! I enjoyed looking at the website very much. De le voir un personne!