Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making Monotypes with Gelatin

This weekend I'm doing a demonstration at an art center/gallery in Portsmouth, Virginia and wanted to do something other than linocuts that people and kids might enjoy taking part in themselves. I have this nice book on making gelatin prints that I bought a few years ago. I admit that I tried it but the imprecise nature of the process drove me crazy! Looking at the book again and the lovely prints I see there, I can't help to want to give it another try. Here, I'll show you some experimenting that I did yesterday!


  1. So, what about this demonstration ???


  2. Well, I went to the gallery on Saturday and talked to visitors about how to make gelatin prints. Then I helped kids make some using gelatin plates that I made at home.
    (I should have taken photos!)

    Hopefully they learned a little something about printmaking!