Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flagler College - St. Augustine, Florida

Last weekend we went to Jacksonville, FL for a wedding and had the opportunity to take an hour's drive south to visit the city of St. Augustine where the beautiful college campus of Flagler College is located. This building was built to be a luxury hotel in 1888 by Henry Flagler, oil magnate and railroad pioneer. He named it The Ponce de Leon Hotel for the famous explorer who landed on the coast of Florida in 1518, claiming the land for Spain and calling it "La Florida". Now it's the main hall on Flagler College's campus. It's so beautiful inside and out!


  1. It's very cool!
    It is the Spanish Renaissance Revival style and features three themes throughout the building. One theme is the sea!

    You would like the old downspouts. Dragonheads!

  2. I knew y'all would love Flagler! We are so happy you and David traveled to Florida for the wedding - you are such dear friends!!

  3. Hi Carol,
    There is a lot to love there! It would be a dream to eat all your college meals in their dining hall!
    It was a real pleasure to attend the wedding with you. We're so happy you invited us!