Monday, May 28, 2012

Boats of Coastal Virginia

When you live as close to as much water as I do, it's hard to resist  not spending at least some time exploring the view from the water side. So this weekend we went boating from the Elizabeth River in Chesapeake, Virginia to part of the Chesapeake Bay and Severn River. There are so many kinds of boats that I often wonder why I'm not a painter of boats and sea scenes. I've always enjoyed working with sea creatures but boats have always seemed a huge challenge! Here are a few of the boats that I saw along the way. Maybe someday I'll attempt a drawing - tugboats have a lot of appeal!

Tugboat, of course

I wonder where this old navy ship saw better days

Downtown Norfolk to Portsmouth ferry

A Memorial Day sail!

Not sure what it is but it's cute

At the cruise terminal in Norfolk - too big!

We fix anything here!


  1. A real museum!

    The fifth picture shows a pushing tug ...

  2. All the different boats here could fill many galleries!

    Soon a festival here called OpSail 2012 will welcome tall sailing ships and military vessels from around the world. Only a short walk from my studio. 23 tall ships! I'm trying to imagine that!

    The pushing tug does look a little like a mini-tugboat.