Thursday, July 26, 2012

Door County, Wisconsin #3

Sometimes art workshops are really hard to resist which is why I went to one in Wisconsin two weeks ago taught by a children's book illustrator whose work I find inspiring. His name is Rick Chrustowski and he has created several nature books for kids. You can check out his website if you like:
He was fun and encouraging and ready to answer any question about his experience as an illustrator.
The class was very enjoyable - of course, it had to fly by! The workshop was held at  the Peninsula School of Art in Fish Creek. They offer all sorts of classes, have exhibitions and everyone is very friendly. I would recommend going there because it's a great school in a great location! Somehow I found it online as I was looking for workshops on etchings.

Peninsula School of Art
flowers all around!

Rick showing some of his work

my work

Rick organized the workshop so that we would be encouraged to complete one work by the end of the 3 days. He had several texts to choose from so I chose one which had a rabbit and a bird, some of my favorite subjects! He showed us his technique and we went about creating our own works. At the end of each day we gathered to discuss our progress.


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    1. You're right, it was really nice. The teacher was very agreable and helpful!