Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sketch for a New Etching

I've been working on this sketch for a new etching. Usually I like to make a sketch before I begin, so at least I can get a feeling for what the design that I want will look like. Also, I feel that I will have a better end result without as many corrections to the plate. That can be really frustrating and time-consuming! I would like to try something spontaneous someday though - no drawing! Just go for it!


  1. The crows and the seagulls, the white & the black !

    I feel that a good idea for a scene of wildness is comming !

    I like it !

  2. Bonjour there!
    I like the idea of having these birds together too! Thanks!
    (Now I hope all goes well with the etching.)

  3. I love the sketch ! I've worked without sketch in the past (at least without any prep work for the composition itself), and it has turned out okay in most cases, sometimes evne more interesting than when I worked with a sketch. I works especially well with aquatint or gum arabic, when you're not sure what you're going to get anyway.

  4. Hi Marion!
    I have a fear of going about an etching without a sketch!
    It's silly because sometimes working more free can give a nice result, like you say. I think I'll try it sometime!
    I know what you mean about aquatints - they are a challenge. Recently I had trouble with all of my test plates (I had purchased some new ferric chloride for etching) and was ready to give up until I finally figured out that the spray that I was using wasn't sticking to the plates very well. Now that I've corrected that, it's so much better!
    Thanks for writing!