Friday, September 13, 2013

Gulls and Crows Etching - 8" x 10"

I've been working on my etching of gulls and crows and made this print of it. I aquatinted it quite dark at the beginning (except for the gulls and fish) because I wanted it to look like very early morning. The aquatints give areas of the work nice tones, as you can see in the background. But sometimes there is a struggle and disappointment as the aquatint breaks down as I make more prints! As I am making more prints of this plate, the background aquatints are holding up well but the birds are beginning to fade a little. Hmm...anyway, I'm going to make as many as I can and like. (or feel like!)
I liked the idea of the white gulls and the black crows when I saw the writing of a friend. 


  1. Oh Annie

    it is exactly how what I hear from my desk, in the morning, when the sun is rising : yellings and cawings !

  2. Wow, that's amazing!
    These types of birds do have a lot to talk about, it seems!

    Tu es revenu de votre voyage! Il est bon.
    J'espère que c'était génial!

  3. It's beautiful ! I love the textures of the aquatint.

  4. Bonjour Marion
    I'm happy that you returned and saw the etching after seeing my drawing earlier. This plate was not easy to wipe when I applied the ink. I'm sure you know how that can be! It's tricky!
    Thanks so much for coming by.

  5. I enjoyed your etching in all it's dimensions, from the muted monochrome colors to the underlying symbolism. Viewed along with your cemetery etching, leads one to believe that you might be found on a foggy moonlit night lurking in the backwoods of the Dismal Swamp looking for new material! :)

  6. Hi Randy! Your comments - they are so nice. Thank you!
    You caught me! Sneaking around on those spooky nights in the swamp is perfect for finding new subjects for my etchings!


  7. Hi, Anne,
    I was looking at etching by Goya and thought of yours. Maybe you see the resemblance too. It's called "The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters." :-)

    1. Hello!
      They are kind of similar in design, I think, and both with the threatening birds. I have never seen that etching but I enjoyed reading about it in Wikipedia! I love all the symbolism.