Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bluebird House

A friend gave me this bluebird house this year, so after painting it with some new colors, we put it in the yard to see what happens. Some of the neighbors have good luck attracting bluebirds. I was told that it could take 2 or 3 years before the bluebirds find it. WELL, 22 hours later there was a beautiful bluebird sitting on the top of the house and I couldn't believe it! Then 2 hours later the house wrens were moving in. They were so much fun to watch building their nest that I couldn't bring myself to stop them. People told me that I should have because they can build nests in all sorts of places. But bluebirds need the boxes more. Also, house wrens will destroy other birds' eggs in the box so what to do!?? It's so complicated!! Anyway, while the little wrens were growing in the box, I saw this big black rat snake in my yard and decided to place the black baffle on the pole to keep it away from the babies. It seems that birds have so many predators stealing their young.
Maybe next year I'll be lucky enough to have bluebirds. :-)


  1. the place is looking fine and the artist loves birds. everything looks perfect ! Well done Annie !

    1. So very nice, your comment. :-]
      Thank you, jean-luc!

      The little birds were happy to find a good home! I hope to see Bluebirds there one day.