Monday, September 22, 2014

My French Vacation (Paris)

Last week I returned from a wonderful 3-week adventure to France. There were so many great parts to it that I thought I would start at the beginning and show some photos I took along the way. I became especially interested in going when I found a workshop called Capturing the Paris Wow, taught by Cynthia Morris, a writer and creativity coach. Our goal was to fill a small sketchbook with images and/or writings of our experiences in  Paris. We traveled around the city, sometimes together and sometimes alone, and experienced as much as we could in six days. With all of the goings-on, my mind had trouble imagining that sleep was necessary!
Here are a few photos of my hotel, Hotel Delambre, in Montparnasse ,Paris.
A small hotel with a friendly staff!
The plaque by the front door says "DANS CET HOTEL A VECU, EN 1891, L'ARTISTE PEINTRE PAUL GAUGUIN"   I think Gauguin stayed here but I'm not entirely sure. But as an artist, I like the idea!


  1. Good choice !
    Rue Delambre is a real parisian street with all the shops you need from groceries to cinema and batteriesb shop and the working-class market (boulevard Edgar Quinet) !!

  2. I think my workshop teacher made a good choice too! A comfortable neighborhood for a stay. I enjoyed looking in the grocery markets to see what the French buy. And then there's the Montparnasse Cimetiere, a quiet place to sit with a lunch after an overnight plane flight!

  3. Friend of mine, from work, is in this cemetery, beetween Légion d'Honneur and celebrities ...

  4. :( Oh....I guess your friend is with some good company with all of the famous writers, artists, soldiers........ One name that I saw is the last name of a friend who is interested in going to France to look for her family history. That was a surprise!

    1. Interesting historical quest. Must be a good trip !

  5. Now she is studying French to prepare for her historical quest. I hope she can find the time to go soon. That would be so fun for her!