Sunday, April 5, 2015

2 French cats and 1 American

If I wanted to paint cats, which I'd like to do sometimes, I could paint these French cats that I saw in France a few years ago. Walking through the village of Trebes on the Canal du Midi in the south, I saw several relaxing on window and door sills, which probably isn't unusual. Maybe waiting for something to open! 
Then a painting I started of one of my cats, Sylvester. Brings back good memories.


  1. French cat is a common pal, looking more independant than dog, but never far from home ...

  2. It's true! We say "Here, kitty kitty" and the cat usually comes running.
    A good lap cat is very comforting.


  3. Sylvester le chat revient
    dans les rêves de son amie.

    Lové sur l'édredon fleuri
    ses amis poissons lui font causette

    Les papillons volages rigolent
    sous leurs longues antennes.

    Les bons souvenirs n'hésitent plus
    à revenir du plus loin et au galop !

    1. Sylvester again returns to my dreams!
      I liked this one with ses amis poissons et papillons.....sweet!