Sunday, June 28, 2015

England and Scotland Adventure #2 - London

Moving on after visiting Westminster Cathedral, we walked to another beautiful church, Westminster Abbey, having a good look at the outside but having to leave the inside for the next England adventure. Unhappily but without time to fully enjoy it.  A good excuse to return! We passed by the great Big Ben and Houses of Parliament and crossed over Westminster Bridge to walk along the South Bank and then later return to the other side by the Lambeth Bridge. Then dinner and back to the hotel. A pretty full first day after staying awake almost the entire night on the plane. Who can sleep in a little seat on a plane??

Westminster Abbey

Passed by here but I love all the details!

Hello Big Ben!

just a few colorful souvenirs!


  1. So, how was this first night in UK after a so good day there ??? ;-)

  2. Much better than in an airplane seat!
    Dreaming of cathedrals!
    The third night there was a surprise of some nice fireworks seen from the window.

    1. Fireworks for welcome !!

      UK is great !!! ;-)

    2. :-] How thoughtful!! I didn't think of that!

      I agree and there is regret of not going sooner!
      I'm happy to have recent visits to two great places - the UK and France! I'm so lucky.

    3. Did not you like Italy too ???

    4. Oh yes, Italie!.....I love those Tuscan villages and Rome!

      When I was 18, my parents sent me on the tour with some college students and we went to Venice, Florence, Pompeii and Rome plus 12 other countries in one month's time! Again, lucky me.