Friday, August 21, 2015

Solarplate Experiment

Recently a friend shared with me her knowledge of etching with solarplates. A solarplate is a light sensitized steel backed polymer material. In my case, I drew my design on a frosted clear glass plate and placed it on the solarplate. Then I placed them in the sun for a short time and after that exposure, I washed the plate with a little water and saw that my image was etched on the solarplate. Very cool!
I wasn't sure how dark to make some parts of my drawing because it was my first solarplate but I am fairly pleased with the results. I like the oil-based ink print better because of the higher contrast but maybe a little more practice with the water-based ink will yield some better results. 
It seems like a great way to make a print with lots of values! I loved drawing it on the frosted glass plate!

Here's the solarplate after the exposure:

Drawing on glass plate

Print from plate with oil -based ink

Print from plate with water-based ink


  1. Interesting !!

    How long is the exposure !

    1. The exposure was for less that 30 seconds. Can you believe it?
      You have to be careful!

    2. The origins of photography !

    3. Oh, I think you're right! Glass plates and light sensitive substances!

  2. I like the second one ; it is looking blurred, why ?

    1. It is my drawing with wax pencil on the glass that I used for the exposure on the solarplate. I think the glass made my photo blurry? :-/ I should try it again!

  3. Replies
    1. :-)
      The glass is a nice surface to draw on. But I have to erase the drawing to prepare for the next!