Thursday, March 24, 2016

Great horned owls

I've been working on a painting of Great horned owls using gouache paint. These large owls are native to the Americas and have a vast range. I had some nesting in a large pine tree in my backyard one time. The crows seem to chase any owl away these days! 
Here I'm showing just a few steps in my painting process. I may need to make a few changes but first I'm going to let it rest for awhile. Then take another look!
12" x 15"

Bubo virginian


  1. Virginianus ??!!

    the greatest owl in the northern america ...
    can you ear it singing ?

    1. Special Virginia! I was surprised to see the name too. I wonder how it was named. :-/

      I used to to enjoy it's singing often. Sometimes it is called the "hoot owl"! I think you would like it too!