Thursday, November 30, 2017

Drawing on Glass Plate of Tufted Titmice

I've prepared a new drawing for a solarplate etching. I made the drawing on a glass plate and then I'll expose it to a photo sensitive plate in the sun. Then I'll make a print from that plate onto paper. I'll show the print as soon as I can but first, this is my drawing on the glass. Can't wait to see it on paper!
I'm lucky to see Tufted Titmice regularly visiting my bird feeder. :-)

drawing on glass


  1. how to trap birds, when your ankle is not so fine ?

  2. Are you free now ???
    For which art projects ?

  3. Hi! I am almost free to go to my studio to print. It's a good feeling! I have been making some sketches and drawings at home of birds and other animals for solarplates and a woodcut.