Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Experimenting With an Etching and Solarplate

I decided to try an experiment. I etched a plate with line work using my acrylic ground and ferric chloride. Then I decided to add tones with a solarplate and printed it over my etching. I learned that it can work which is exciting! I just need to go back and make another solarplate but make the tones darker this time. That way I have more shading in my print which is what I want. I can also add more details to make it more interesting. Ah, printmaking and experimentation! That's the way it is!


  1. how many solarplates could you make on the same piece ?

    1. You could have several solarplates for one print especially if you want color. Each plate would be a color. I want to try that sometime. It can be expensive!