Tuesday, April 19, 2022

The Hermitage Museum and Gardens - Solarplate Etching

The Hermitage is an early 20th century Arts-and-Crafts estate located on the Lafayette River in Norfolk, Virginia. It features 12 acres of gardens and grounds, contemporary exhibition galleries, a Visual Arts Studio and an impressive art collection. I took my first painting class here years ago. Then I was hooked on art! This is the 11th in my series of solarplate etchings of Norfolk buildings. Contemplating the next one!

This building has a lot of textures!



  1. Oh, Annie, I really like this series of city shots; always a sense of detail and perspective. Congratulations and I look forward to a layout, so we can follow in your footsteps.

  2. Hey there😊 Your positive thoughts are so appreciated. Merci. When you say “layout”, do you mean something like a map?

    1. Let's say a booklet, a book, a tour guide ...

  3. I’m thinking yes, it would be a nice project. I’ll keep working until I have enough!