Monday, October 17, 2022

Elmwood Cemetery Solarplate Etching

Another in my Norfolk series isn't a building but an angel at Elmwood Cemetery that I couldn't resist drawing. The cemetery is an historic municipal one that was officially established in 1853. It's listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The tombstones have much Victorian funerary including shells, lambs, wreathes, lilies and anchors. And there are quite a few angels, this one being my favorite. I drew it on glass and then exposed it in the sun on a solarplate that is light sensitive. It needs to be near noon and a bright sunny day. (Panic can set in when clouds suddenly appear!) It only took 30 seconds! That's so amazing to me. Then after a couple of other steps, I was ready to make some handmade prints from the exposed plates. 

Elmwood Cemetery Angel



  1. Toute la gravité de l'art funéraire et la tranquillité du cimetière. Beau travail.

  2. Thank you. I should take a tour of the cemetery someday. I would probably learn a lot!
    I’m going to make an effort to post more here. I guess a busy life is better than one too quiet?