Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Cactus Wreath Class

 Our botanical garden is offering a class to make this fascinating wreath. I’m wondering how large the cacti could become and if I could manage to keep them alive! Someone I know who loves cacti could probably do it :)


  1. 🙂 All these succulents like the contact of a substrate. If they are well healed and a few rootlets appear, they can live for a while, provided you give them some water. If not, they will dry out on the spot, but they will not cover the rest of the perimeter of the crown by themselves.
    Perhaps beautiful and useless.

    1. That makes sense. I'm wondering if they are too crowded. I think they might be happier in your garden.
      They're so pretty with all of their shapes and color.

    2. The best substrate is the soil ...