Friday, November 20, 2009

To Live Forever

This week I visited the Chrysler Museum to see the exhibit To Live Forever, produced by the Brooklyn Museum of Art. It explains how the ancient Egyptians made preparatons for the afterlife in the netherworld with Osiris. They did this for thousands of years!! They believed that Osiris ruled the earth as a generous king and later lived beneath the earth in the netherworld, where he was king of the dead. There is the mummy of Demetrios with a description of the mummification process, which I won't describe here!! There are interesting objects that were placed in the tombs and coffins to be used in the afterlife. Anyway, it's fascinating and certainly worth a visit!


  1. Si tu peux essayer de ramener quelques graines séculaires de papyrus du Nil, ce serait génial !!


    If you can try to bring some seeds of ancient papyrus of the Nile, it would be great!


  2. Funny!
    Je n'ai pas remarque plus de graines dans cette exposition, mais peut-etre tu pouve trouver des parents de l'antique Cyperus papyrus dans sud de la France!

    I do not remember seeing any seeds in this exhibition but maybe you can find some relatives of the ancient Cyperus papyrus in the south of France!