Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lacebark Elm Tree

Since yesterday was a beautiful sunny day (there's nothing like a blue sky!), I decided to stop by the Norfolk Botanical Gardens to see what interesting life I could spot in the middle of winter. This elm tree caught my attention since I had never seen it before. The bark looks almost like a puzzle - fascinating!! Some daffodils were blooming - too early! The eagles were just beginning to build their nest. I was told that this is the seventh year that they have returned. Check out the webcam on to follow their progress. So you see, winter can be a rewarding time to visit the gardens!


  1. This Ulmus parvifolia is more resistant to graphiose. Is it because its warm bark ??


  2. I read that it is naturally resistant to Dutch Elm disease. Its warm bark? Hmm....that is an interesting hypothesis but I'm not sure it's true!!

  3. Dutch Elm disease, in French we have the same expression and I do not dare to translate ...

    This disease is severe devastation in European elms ...

  4. I don't know that expression's meaning and I won't ask!

    It destroyed almost all of the elms in the U.S. too. Researchers are working on new disease resistant varieties.

  5. That name, because this disease appears for the first times in Netherlands !!!

  6. Now I think I understand.
    The Dutch have been unjustly blamed for the loss of trees. They only identified the disease when it came to their country from a different place.