Sunday, February 7, 2010


I drew this bongo from my local zoo because I love the markings and beautiful long slightly spiraled horns. I have learned that they are among the largest of the African antelopes. Sadly, their populations are dwindling due to habitat loss and hunting. This is especially true for the mountain bongos of Kenya. Many zoos in the US participate in the SSP (Species Survival Plan), a cooperative breeding program where captive born bongos are sent to Kenya in the hope of ensuring species survival. Let’s hope it works!
10"x 7"


  1. même si de l'attitude de la bête émane une vaste tristesse, j'aime beaucoup les couleurs du corps et ses motifs.

    10"X7" ??!! N'est-ce pas une taille trop petite ?

    Et ce plan de re-introduction, n'est-ce pas une manière d'imposer d'autres barreaux ?

    Even if the attitude of the beast comes a vast sadness, I love the colors of the body and its pattern.

    10 "X7"?! Is not it a size too small?

    And this plan of re-introduction, is not a way to impose other bars?

  2. Je vais devoir tirer des bongos plus heureux (si c'est possible!) et tres grands! :-)
    Si nous n'essayer pas, au moins, de reintroduire des animaux, on peut les perdre.

    I will have to draw some happy and very large bongos!
    If we don't try to at least participate in the breeding program, we will lose them.

  3. J'ai omis de dire que cette peinture, en tant que telle, me semble très bonne !

  4. Merci beaucoup!
    Grazie amico mio cao!