Sunday, August 15, 2010

Barbara and George

I like making these black and white linocuts. I'd make many more if there weren't so many other things I like to do! This one is of my sister and her cat George. He's a beautiful Himalayan which is like a Siamese in appearance but has long fur. And he's very good natured!
And Barbara, does she not have the smile of the Mona Lisa?

10"x 16"


  1. Is she the Leonardo's sister ?

  2. Actuellement, son sourire est pour Leonardo but elle est plus proche de Picasso!

    Actually, her smile is for Leonardo but she is closer to Picasso!

  3. Wonderful...... I love lino...!! the bushy tail is great!

  4. Thanks Mariann. I know, linos are so perfect for textures like fur and hair! I love the look of them!