Thursday, August 26, 2010

Piggy Bank

I love this little pottery piggy bank that my mother made years ago in a class. The interesting look it has was made by a certain ceramic firing process called raku which uses both smoke and fire to create unusual patterns and textures. The pottery is first bisque fired, then glazed and then undergoes a firing and smoking process. I remember doing it once and I believe we placed the objects in the ground to achieve our smoke affect. Maybe I'll make a print of pigs to go along with it. Someone has made a deposit into this bank but there's no way to retrieve it!


  1. Interesting recipe for roast pork

  2. Ce matin, le comedien est tres actif!

    Cette recette semble fontionner pour tout types de porc!
    This recipe seems to work for all kinds of pork!!

  3. Tu as trouve dans mon ecriture que la fabrication de ce cochon poterie sonne comme la cuissin de porc reel!
    Ca m'a fait rire. Donc, tu es un comedien!

    You found in my writing that the making of this pottery pig sounds like the cooking of real pork!
    This made me laugh. So, you are a comedien!

  4. I have never seen this pig in all the years I have been your next-door neighbor! Please show it to me next time I'm over...