Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pet Photo Exhibition

Saturday was the annual Great American Dog and Cat Photo Exhibition and party at my art center. The center partners with local Humane Societies  to promote the Art of Photography (amateur) and the love of animals. Dogs and cats are invited and other types of pets are welcome - someone brought their pig this year! I wanted to adopt this cat, it was so sweet! But here it looks exhausted - maybe too much action from too many dogs! Anyway, the guests were mostly well-behaved and I believe most enjoyed the party. (Although I noticed that one pug was frightened into its owner's lap when a much bigger dog started to sing Happy Birthday!)


  1. you have the dog that sings happy birthday, in Paris we have the dog that smokes a pipe ... A bar-restaurant !

  2. Talented dogs all over the world!

    The restaurant must have a funny sign.