Thursday, December 29, 2011


Sketching some godwits. What an interesting name!
One type of godwit is the bar-tailed and they say it's a very special bird, the only one known to fly more than 7000 miles non-stop! Although it can sleep by shutting down one side of its brain at a time. Very handy!
When it summers in Alaska, it eats enough to double its weight and then awaits a good storm system to give it a boost for the the long journey  over the Pacific to New Zealand. Even cyclones are welcome!
Now I know that the name comes from Old English with god meaning good and wit meaning creature. A good creature!


  1. A master sketch !

    We can see the same birds on this side ...
    Waders are fantastic !

  2. Hello! la finesse de tes dessins me plaît beaucoup. a good creature, j'aime bien aussi ces mots: a good creature.

  3. Hi cao!
    Gosh, a master sketch - thanks!

    I will have to learn more about Virginia shorebirds since I am not far from the sea.
    One bird which is very familiar - the sea gull!
    Waders are fun to watch.

  4. Happy New Year if6!
    J'ai plaisir à faire ces petits dessins.

    Je pense que godwit est un bon nom pour ce plus intéressant d'oiseaux!
    Enjoy your night!

  5. Tous mes voeux de bonheur et bonne santé pour toi et ta famille Anne;) Bonne année!

  6. Et a toi aussi!
    Et je te remercie beaucoup pour votre amitié ici!

  7. Dear Anne,
    Thank you for visiting my BLOG and commenting. Yes, I really love working with gouache. The immediacy and the fact the colour can be painted over colour is great. I also like to experiment with splashing water, spraying etc. The paint does some really interesting things. I had a look on your website too and loved all three types of artwork! Cheers,

  8. Hi Kathryn!
    I really like the colors and the surface of the paper when I'm finished with a painting using gouache. Sometimes it is a little challenging but I guess it's like that with most mediums.
    I love your colorful designs!
    Thanks for visiting!