Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Scherenschnitt - Title Unknown!

Hansel and Gretel??
It looks like it could be a good story!
I'm not sure who in my family made it but it intrigues me with all its detail. Now these types of works take patience!
Doesn't it look like it could be a linocut?


  1. I like the hand of Hansel
    under the Gretel's skirt !


  2. "but it intrigues me with all its detail."

    I like these words !

  3. I'm happy for that.
    My words are true! I liked your first comment because I think the figures (Hansel and Gretel) are the best part! They are so animated! They are fitting perfectly in their little scene.

  4. It's absolutely gorgeous ! I find it very inspiring (which is why it ended up on my Pinterest page ;) )

  5. I love it too! I wish I knew who made it!
    You made me curious about Pinterest so I browsed your writing and the website. It's something new and interesting to consider!
    Merci pour votre commentaire!

  6. I have this exact same picture! It's been in our family since at least the early 1970s; I don't know where my parents got it.

  7. Hi Shandon,
    That's interesting to know! I wasn't sure if someone in my family made it. My mother gave it to me years ago but now I can't remember what she said about it! I think she had it for awhile before she gave it to me.
    It would be great to know when it was made and by whom!
    It's a mystery.
    Thanks for letting me know!