Monday, June 11, 2012

Towhees start

I see these foraging around in the pine and leaf litter under the trees in my yard fairly often. And sometimes I see one hopping about on my car, probably stealing a glance at its reflection in the glass. But never can I get a photo before it flies off. I must learn to spend some time lollygagging (I know, strange word!) in the yard and maybe I can catch more photos of the wildlife around here!
I've started a new painting in gouache because I like these birds!

Here's a litttle photo with some of the work so far. 


  1. early fruits & doubtful birds
    fine colours

  2. Hiding in the blueberry bush. Maybe there's a cat nearby!
    I thought that these birds would make a colorful painting.

    Have a colorful day!

  3. très joli;)
    Belle journée à toi

  4. Merci.
    J'espère qu'il ya un bon résultat final!