Sunday, October 14, 2012

Drawing Copy

13" x  18"

While I was working my way through my drawing classes some years ago, my teacher assigned a project asking us to make a copy of an old work of our choosing. Now I am disappointed that I can't recount where I found my drawing to copy except that it was in a book or who did it, although I'm not sure that an artist was even mentioned. I guess at the time I was just happy that it was very old and I loved it. So I picked a drawing size that I liked and got to work. There's something uncomfortable about copying another's work but I believe that one can learn a lot from it. I began by putting a wash of Burnt Sienna or Umber on my watercolor paper and then completed the drawing with brown ink, watercolor and white colored pencil. I'm not sure what the original artist used or had available at the time. It is one of my favorite drawings from school and surely makes me want to go to Rome and spend a summer drawing statues! Can you imagine that? I would love to know more about it so I've been wondering where I can find this statue or if it really does exist. I did find some statues on the Ponte Sant'Angelo, which is a bridge over the Tiber River in Rome but she was not there. :(


  1. Probably Rome is yet waiting for you ...
    Statues are patient, historically.