Sunday, October 7, 2012

Last week I attended the dedication for this new sculpture that is at the main entrance to the art center where my studio is located. It is a 14 foot tall structure that is meant to provide a recognizable landmark for the center. I can guarantee that it will work better than the invisible sign that hangs 20' above the doorway! The sculpture was created by Norfolk, Virginia native and world class sculptor Rodney Carroll. Hopefully it will beckon people to come in and take a look! I like it.
See his website for more of his work:


  1. if the metalworker her/himself is an artist, the artwork is only fine !

    But what is the meaning of this "d'" in "d'Art Center" ?


  2. He is a fine artist!

    Well, d'Art or d'ART is an acronym or is short for "Dockside Art Review of Tidewater". I guess the creators liked the look and sound of this word with the "d". Simple but a little fancy. Tidewater is a general word that a lot of people use for the area where I live, which includes several cities.

    (an acronym I learned from you!)