Monday, January 14, 2013

Incognito Event at d"Art Center, Norfolk

Last Saturday there was an event called "Incognito" at the art center where my studio is located. It is a yearly event held in January as a wine-tasting and fundraiser for the center. Artists are asked to donate 8" x 10" artworks. All artworks are sold for the same price and buyers don't know the name of the artists until after the purchases. The artists sign the backs of the works. Hence the name "Incognito". I enjoy guessing which artworks belong to which artists. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes not! This was my work: A gouache painting of Cedar Waxwings and who would guess that it's mine!


  1. Waxwings in a fig tree
    I like the view.

    Good work !!

  2. Hi there!
    Merci, jl.

    I don't have my own fig tree but I have seen migrating Waxwings eat all of the berries on my holly tree in a very short time!

  3. The meeting of the northern bird and the southern tree is not exceptional, just a good great moment !


  4. :-)
    Oui, a special treat from a grand gathering of birds!