Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pysanky Rabbit Egg

It seems that now and then I have to create a Pysanky egg. I find it fascinating that a white egg can become something so colorful! So here I am making one with a rabbit (surprise!) The photo at the top is the final result and the others show some of the process I used to create it.

The final result!

After dying the egg a light orange, I applied wax in the places I wanted to remain orange and then placed the egg in the next color.

I continued by applying wax after each color dyed until I finished all of the colors. Hopefully that makes sense. If not, ask questions!

Then I had to remove the insides of the egg with this little gadget which makes it very easy. Just be careful or you will have a cracked egg!

I melted the wax off the egg at a low temperature in my oven and voila! This is the best part - to see the result! (See the picture at the top.)

This has not been an easy post! There is a problem with my photo uploading feature on blogger and I had to use the HTML feature. Eash!


  1. What a long & meticulous work !!

    Chapeau l'artiste !

  2. One learns patience when doing the delicate work of placing designs on eggs!
    At least I have an electric tool which works like a pen to draw with the wax on the eggs. Or I might go crazy!

    Have a :-) day!!

  3. So colorful & detailed on such a delicate surface!

    1. Hi Carol!
      It seems like magic when the colors are revealed. I can't wait to get to the end!
      Thanks for visiting!