Sunday, February 24, 2013


I have a special fondness for Bobwhites since I heard their call often from the woods behind my childhood home. I don't remember seeing any pheasants but I thought they would make an interesting addition to my painting. The more, the merrier? I painted it for an upcoming juried show. I wanted to make an etching but knowing how time consuming that can be, I thought that a painting made more sense since the entry deadline for the show was fast approaching! You can see my painting in person and others in the show here:

Portsmouth Arts and Cultural Center
Creative Variations Exhibit
Feb. 23 - May 22
Don't miss the opening on March 1 from 5-8 pm!!
Brought to you by the Tidewater Art Alliance, promoting art in the Tidewater area of Virginia

gouache painting  9" x  9"


  1. Around here, these kinds of birds are chatty !
    On your painting they look ready to fly ...

    One question (sorry) about the upper pheasants : are they at the right place ?

    One more :
    why don't you show your art on "images_et_mots" ?

    On the road to NL

  2. :-)
    Do your birds sound like the one in this video?

    Don't worry...sometimes I can't resist and put things in odd places. I know, it does look a little strange!

    I don't know why I have hesitated to show my art there. Maybe I'll show my new butterfly painting there when it's finished.

    Happy travels!